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大学にて英日翻訳を中心に学びましたが、日本語の音域と、品詞順序の差異に見られるような精神性は外国語へ変換が不可能と感じていました。水分を多用して顔料を余白に広げる日本画の技法は、周波数の主音域が高い英語の響きを視覚的に翻訳するのに最適で、日本語では補いきれない assertivenessを自在に表現しやすいと

So Morikawa  /  Profile

So Morikawa is a Japanese-style painter based in Nara.  
She started learning Japanese-style painting in 2015. 

She majored in Japanese-English translation as she always had a strong interest in its sound and the mental differences between them. She tries to visualise through her art the actual sound of English whose ambient range is much higher than Japanese and gracefulness that Japanese has. The glistening mineral pigment, she uses in her work which spreads out and smudges when she adds it to water, is the most suitable substance since it expresses both boldness and humbleness. 

As Japanese-style painting material has not only a long history but also the elements of modernity in its composition, she suggests Japanese-style painting as one of the ways to bridge the gap among any nation – not only linguistically but also mentally.



9月 アートフェア『ART STREAM 2018』大阪
8月 ライブペイント『SUMMER SONIC 2018』東京
8月 個展  『日本画展 -初夏から彼岸まで-』 奈良 (寧楽菓子司 中西与三郎)
6月 企画展 『UNKNOWN ASIA Winning Artists’ Exhibition』  マカオ
4月 個展 『新天地のはずれ the Edge of a New Frontier』大阪
2月 合同展『-装x宗-キモノと日本画の世界』大阪

11月 アートフェア『UNKNOWN ASIA2017ハービス大阪』審査員賞 受賞 

柏原ビエンナーレ 参加(Osaka)

柏樹会@ナルミヤ画廊 参加(Osaka)
葛城発信アートFAIR2016 参加(Nara)
関西扇面芸術展 入選(Kansai)
兵庫県日本画家連盟展 入選(Hyogo)
東大阪市春期展 入選(Osaka)

堺市展 入選(Osaka)
西宮市展 入選(Hyogo)
芦屋市展 入選(Hyogo)

-History in English-

Sep.   Art Fair “ART STREAM 2018” (Osaka)
Aug.  Live Painting “SUMMER SONIC 2018” (Tokyo)
Aug.  Solo Exhibition ” from Early Summer to the Autumn Equinox” (Nara)
June  UNKNOWN ASIA Season Lao Award’s Winning Artists’ Exhibition (Macau)
Apr.   Solo Exhibition ” the edge of a new frontier” (Osaka)
Feb.   Collaborated Exhibiton with Kimono Shijuso (Osaka)

Awarded for Unknown Asia Judges Prize in HERBIS OSAKA (Osaka)

Exhibition at Kashiwara-City Biennale(Osaka)
Group exhibition “Hakuju-Kai” in Narumiya Gallerley(Osaka)
Exhibition at Katsuragi-City ART FAIR 2016(Nara)
Selected for the Genten in Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts(Osaka)
Selected for Kansai-Senmen Art Exhibit (Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka)
Selected for Nihonga painters’ Association Exhibit(Hyogo)
Selected for Higashiosaka-City Exhibit(Osaka)

Selected for Sakai-City Exhibit(Osaka)
Selected for Nishinomiya-City Exhibit(Hyogo)
Selected for Ashiya-City Exhibit(Hyogo)


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